Friday, January 8, 2010

Sweet Chocolate

Tonight after Selamnesh and I sang our songs, prayed, and asked God to Bless everyone we know.... She noticed the picture of herself on the shelf. Above her crib, I have a shelf with different framed photos. We looked at each one and talked about them. 1st a picture of herself at her second birthday party in a Princess frame. We talked about how that was her birthday party, and that she was 2 years old..... Then a framed photo of me holding Selamnesh at the airport introducing my mother to her newest grand-daughter. We talked about the day I was SO happy to bring home my little girl from Ethiopia. And lastly, a framed photograph of myself and Bizunesh, taken by Lauren a few hours after we met. Both of our eyes red and puffy, both of us with very somber faces, but with our arms around one another. I asked Selamnesh who was in this picture.... She looked at me...."Mommy" and pointed to me in the photo. I asked who this was, pointing to Bizunesh. She looked at me, then the photo, back at me, then the photo again...."Mmmmmm" I helped her, "Is that Bizunesh?" We talk about her often and pray for her every night. "Bizunesh" She said with a smile. I told her how that was the day that Mommy met Bizunesh and how she grew in Bizunesh's tummy, and how much Mommy loves Bizunesh... Then my sweet, beautiful, baby girl said, "Bizunesh...Me...Bizunesh...Me, same." as she rubbed her sweet, tender, skin on her arm. As I choked back the tears and kissed her repeatedly, telling her how much I loved her, I knew that she realized that she was the same color as Bizunesh. My heart broke and sang at the same moment.............


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madhat said...

I have skimmed through your blog, and I am loving the story!
May God bless you all!

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Lovely blog. I find you and your children absolutely inspiring!

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Anonymous said...

She did not deserve this

To be used as a prop.
To further a political cause.
To be the focus of public examination.
To contribute to racial pandering.
To be kissed by a stranger.

It's your responsibility to take care of her and do what's best for her.
How could you do that?

Anonymous said...

You are abusing your black Ethiplopian transracial adoptee daughter. You are not qualified to raise her.

Anonymous said...

This makes me want to vomit. I'm sure you pat yourself on the back all of the time, congratulating yourself for not being a racist (after all, what kind of racist would adopt a black child). You are definitely a racist.

You titled this entry "Sweet Chocolate." What the heck is wrong with you? You parade her around like a prop so you can feel good aboit yourself. This is revolting.

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